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    How can i apply a CharStyle for created footnote on the fly? [CS6-jsx]


      I insert footnote insted of founded text.

      mSn_text = mFound[i].contents; //get footnote's content
      mFound[i].contents=""; //clear contents for keeping number of future footnote
      var myFootnote = mFound[i].footnotes.add();
      myFootnote.insertionPoints[-1].contents = mSn_text;
      myFootnote.words[0].position = Position.SUPERSCRIPT;
      mFound[i].appliedCharacterStyle = aD.characterStyles.item(mName);

      And would like to mark footnote's numbers in text by red color (for clear view). How can i apply characterStyle or just color for footnote number in text (on the fly)? Screen Shot 2013-08-16 at 14.01.45.png)