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    Exporting PDFs in InDesign CC fails


      I have tried to export a multi page Indesign document to PDF but it keeps failing. The document was created in CS 5.5 and exported without any problems in this version. I've recently upgraded to CC and have experienced a few problems when exporting to PDF. Firstly, I have idenified the page where the failure occurs by deleting pages in the InDesign document until the file would export. The page consists of objects created in InDesign (circles which have strokes, gradients and drop shadows) which make up a diagram. I've tried replacing this diagram by copying and pasting it from the CS 5.5 version of the InDesign document, exporting to PDF and that works ok. Unfortunately the diagram is too big for the page size so I've scaled it down to 90% of the original size but when I export the PDF it fails. Any ideas?