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    Quality of Pictures



      sometimes it seems that the pictures in my animation are not 100% sharp. the seem unsharp till they stand still in there finalposition.

      is this problem normal or is there some way to avoid that?

      And sometimes the anymations seem to don´t play really smooth. the datasize of the pictures isn´t that big. is there a way to get it smoother?

      thanks for help

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          heathrowe Most Valuable Participant

          Are you using 'transformations' (like rotate, skew or other non-linear movements) for example? Its common to see 'jaggied' edges and even heavy hitting applications like Photoshop display similar artifacts when transforming bitmap images.


          Are you using 'scaling'? Also not uncommon to notice artifacts. Though often can be minimized/avoided by NOT scaling beyond the original dimensions of the bitmap/image file.


          hth in somw way


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            mr.monsen Level 1

            i use scaling and rotation. seems like this is the problem.

            thanks for your help!