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    Book-Function/PDF: Links between documents in pattern pages...



      we try to use InDesigns book-function for a complex presentation. It should work like this: We habe a book-file that collects single indesign files with projects. At the beginning there is a "start" file with standard-content, followed by THREE pages with tables of content. These pages are followed by some (round about a houndred) project pages. There are three different types of headline-formats for dfferent types of projects. That is why there ae three tables of content: for each type of project one...

      All project pages have the same pattern pages with three links at the bottom that refer back to the three tables of content. So if you are on a project-pag you can choose to wih table of content you want to go back.

      From while to while there are new projects, so we want to duplicate older projects, insert them into the book file and update the tables of content.


      Thats the theorie!


      Now to our problem: If we make a PDF file from that book some of the links back to the tables of content area working, some are not. Sometimes Indesign tells us that some links ae broken, even if they are all the same. I once had a PDF document where everything was working. But as soon as I insert a new project file indesign telles again that links are broken - not only in the new file - even if I havent changed anything in other files. And what works and what not is differnt from time to time, for me it seems to be quite arbitrarily...


      Does anybody know about this problem?

      Thank you very much!