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    prevent centering on selected object when zooming out

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      Maybe this should be a feature request, I'm not sure if when this was 'helpful' feature was implemented, a preference was also added (somewhere.....) to switch back it off.


      Once upon a time when you zoomed into something, perhaps the corner of an object (cmd+space of course) then you wanted to back off a little bit (cmd+ - of course) doing so would, well, zoom you out a little bit from the view/thing you were actually looking at.


      Now, I think as of CS4 or 5, not sure which, as the program attempts to be 'smarter' and more 'helpful' if you happen to have the object selected that you are zoomed into the corner of and then you back off, you get taken to the centre of that object, away from what you were looking at. This is obviously not desired and ranges from mildly irritating to wildly infuruating-must-now-remember-to-comment-on-adobe-forums depending on the time contraints/pressure one is under at the time to get something out and have the way you are used to working just... taken away from you. And for what? When is it useful for your view to center on some selected object when you were nowhere near it before?


      So... anybody know how to switch it off? Oh wait.... nope, just checked it's not under the submenu "annoyances" next to the content grabber tool (thankful one can switch THAT off).

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          I can't be the only one in the world who finds this feature annoying. I just googled this issue and got this thread and thought "yay someone knows what I'm talking about" then discovered it was me...


          I wish as a rule of thumb, that if Adobe want's to create a feature that changes the default behaviour of an existing application, it also always adds an option to switch it off for all those existing users that don't agree that it's an enhancement.