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    Premiere Pro CC won't encode anymore

    ActionCamStudio Level 1

      Hallo and sorry for my bad english!

      I'm in troubles with PPCC. I'm running the latest update. The problem is this: if i cancel a rendering during the encoding,after this operation PP won't encode anymore. I have to open a new project and import the old project to encode again. My system:




      12GB ram

      GTX680 4GB


      I use an MXO2Mini with MAX but the problem is not related to Matrox hardware since i've plug out it from the pc.When this problem happens the menù windows doesn't respond anymore. I click File and move to the Export line and nothing happens untill i click with the mouse. If this happens i know that PP won't encode anymore. I mean,i can choose my output format,the encoding window appears,but nothing happens. If i queue in Media Encoder the problem is still there.Nothing happens. If i don't want to open another project and import the old one,i have to reboot my pc. Closing and opening again PP doesn't work. I have close from task manager every Adobe app (dynamic link,service manager etc...),but it doesn't works.

      I have Encore CS6 on my system with AME CS6 (i can't uninstall AME CS6 only. If i do i will loose Encore too...)

      I have noticed that the UI is not working correctly too. If i select Effects in the Effects window,the selection box in which i can write the name of the effect is grayed out and i have to click in that area before i can see the cursor.

      So...in the end...i'm having a lot of troubles with CC apps! I can't use AE for the menu delay and PP is really unstable on my system.





      I have used Suites from CS5.5 and CS6. I have tested my system for a long time and never experienced issues. So i don't think that the problem is in my system (two years old and a LOT of stuff made with it!).

      I'm changing my motherboard to add more ram,but i think that my current setup is really good for editing.