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    Apogee One interface doesn't show up as audio device in Premiere Pro CS6 and CC


      Apogee One Audio interface is used for voiceover recording with a condensator Mic


      The interface works in EVERY NLE or DAW except Premiere.


      On the same system in works perfect in : Ableton Live, Logic, Final Cut Pro 7, Final Cut Pro X, AVID media composer, Adobe Audition.


      But when you go to the Audio Hardware Preferences of Premiere it's just not there.


      What is going on here?


      My personal experience on OSX and Audio Interfaces is that if MAC OS has proper drivers ANY application capable of audio recording should see it.


      I've never seen it otherwise. Except for Premiere.


      When i connect a RME babyface interface for example it does show up in the list.

      A Blackmagic device also shows up in the list.

      But not with the Apogee One.