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    When configuring a datasource for Oracle using the thin client, I get an Oracle error.


      We have had no problems using Oracle up to this point, and have been using ColdFusion and Oracle very happily for a long time. 


      Due to security requirements where the ColdFusion server is hosted, the following changes were made to the Oracle client on the Oracle RDMS machine which caused ColdFusion to be unable to connect. 


      In the sqlnet.ora file, we had to add the follwing line:



      That parameter was required, it is not optional and we cannot lower it.


      Info about our ColdFusion Server:

      System Information
      Server Details
      Server Product ColdFusion
      Version ColdFusion 10,285437
      Edition Enterprise  
      Operating System Windows Server 2008 R2  
      OS Version 6.1  
      Update Level /D:/ColdFusion10/cfusion/lib/updates/chf10000011.jar  
      Adobe Driver Version 4.1 (Build 0001)  

      We are using Oracle


      Once that change is in place, connections from our ColdFusion server get refused with the following error:

      ORA-28040: No matching authentication protocol


      I have verified that I can connect to the database with our credentials, and verified that the connection is valid:


      From the local server's ODBC Data Source Administrator console, I create a system DSN using the Oracle OCI client driver (ojdbc6.jar) by indicating that the TNS Service name is the same as defined in the TNSNames file, and it tests out fine.


      Everything I have found on the net indicates that I would need to make a change to the Client, but the Client in this case is the ColdFusion server.  It doesn't seem like other than the fact that it seems to be using the correct driver, that it is making any use of any of the additional settings, including those found in the sqlnet.ora file.


      HELP!  I don't know where else to go... i don't believe that this is an Oracle error, since everything seems to be functioning correctly.  I believe this to be a ColdFusion issue.


      Any help or pointers would be greatly appreciated.