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    Changing htmlText in textfield on the stage doesn't work in CS6 any more

    Tobias Franz

      I have a problem in Flash CS6 (MacOS X 10.6, German) with an old FLA-file created in Flash CS3:

      Flash CS6 seems to ignore the HTML-Tags of dynamically changed text.


      There is a dynamic text field on the stage with text in it.

      Anti-Aliasing is set to "Readability", "render text as html" is enabled, the fonts are embedded – everything is fine.


      I want to change the text in the textfield with ActionScript (AS2):

      _root.myTextField.htmlText = "This words should appear <b>bold</b> or <i>italic</i>.";



      Result in Flash CS3:

      This words should appear bold or italic.


      Result in Flash CS6:

      This words should appear bold or italic.



      "Bold" and "italic" are gone ...


      This behaviour only happens with textfields already on the stage, not textfields created with ActionScript.


      How to solve the problem?


      Testfile: html_text.zip