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    Importation dossiers de photoshop


      Comment faire glisser un dossier photos videos depuis l' organizer vers- ajouter le media- de la fenêtre montage dans Première élément 11

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          nardou wrote in French


          Import Photoshop files

          How to drag a folder from photos videos the organizer to add-media-editing window in the first element 11


          My Reply In English


          When you have a folder of photos or videos (originals) on the computer hard drive, you can use Add Media/Files and Folder to import as Import Folder into Projects Assets and subsequently drag that folder to the Timeline where your photos/videos should then appear placed in the order that existed in the folder.


          Elements Organizer thumbnails are not the originals. They trace/link back to the originals on the hard drive. In the Elements Organizer, your photos videos can be placed in Albums or just left so that you can view from the folders at the left side of the Elements Organizer interface.


          I have not found a way to drag a folder from that left column Folder Hierarchy into Premiere Elements Project Assets. What I have found to work is the following.


          1. In the Premiere Elements 11 workspace, create a folder in Project Assets.


          2. Find your folder in the Folder Hierarchy in the left column of the Elements Organizer interface. Click on it to reveal the photos/videos in that folder. The photos/videos will be displayed on the right side of the Elements Organizer.


          3. With the Premiere Elements Elements Organizer windows cascaded, highlight/select the Elements Organizer photos/videos thumbnails  and drag from the highlight into the Premiere Elements Project Assets folder.


          There are lots of variations on this. But I offer this as a start. We can discuss variations later. The above is based on Elements Organizer organized assets being transferred to Project Assets so that they exist there in a folder before being dragged to the Expert workspace Timeline.


          Please review and then we can discuss this further.


          Thank you.




          I have written in English only. If necessary, I will use Google Translate to reply in French and English. Let me know if you have understood what I have written in English.