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    Roto Brush stops responding to strokes

    superkevkt Level 1

      I've searched for this problem but can't find anyone else experiencing it.


      I was using Roto Brush for a while today and everything was working as expected. I Roto Brushed about 20 frames, just doing touchups where necessary. However, after a while, Roto Brush just stopped responding to new strokes. I could not add or remove from the mask. I've tried flushing the RAM and then restarting AE but the problem persists.


      I'm using After Effects CC on Windows 7 64-bit with 16GB of RAM.


      I made a screencast to show the problem. You'll see me painting to add and remove from the mask on a couple of frames. Roto Brush looks like it's going to do something but then nothing changes in the mask. Youtube link to the screencast is below:




      What am I doing wrong?