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    ICC Profile - How on Earth do I make InDesign let me see this profile in action?

    Ricky-T Level 3

      Hi guys,

      I'm getting a booklet printed soon, and have liaised with the manufacturer a few times and I've been given the joboptions file for the PDF export, and the color profile (NxP21_g50_Coated_Gloss.icm). I already know how to change a color profile using Edit > Color Settings and such, and knew there was a load button there also, so figured this would be easy.


      The profile was successfully installed on windows (right-click > Install Profile), and for good measure (after I got annoyed that it wasn't working of course), I also copied the profile to Common Files > Adobe > Color, etc but this seems to have made no difference either. Google has not helped me at all so far, other than to tell me what I already know, and how to preview a profile applied to a document that is already in the list of profiles.


      What I want to do is preview what the document will look like when printed using this custom profile downloaded and installed to my computer, but InDesign nor Photoshop seem to give me any way of doing this seeing as the profile is not listed and there's no way to load it up properly. The closest I have gotten is in InDesign by going to Edit > Color Settings > Load... > load it, and then get the error saying 'Some parameters in the color settings file could not be used. Default values will be used instead.'


      Any help would be greatly appreciated! Why is this so damn hard to do? Surely this kind of thing is a common pratice in the professional world (reciving new color profiles and then using them to preview work or even convert work)?


      Thanks in advance,


      - Ricky