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    Photoshop crashes


      Photoshop crashes when trying to print. Help.

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          OldBob1957 Level 4

          Help us help you.


          Boilerplate text from Best Practices FAQ


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            I'm having the same problem as the user above:



            File I have printed from multiple times, trying to print another copy and when i click file > print, it doesn't bring me to the printer prefrences page, a pop up box says: "Adobe photoshop cs6 has stopped working, please wait while windows tries to find a solution" and then closes. And no solutions are brought up.


            Every forum i have looked at here no one gives a straight answer or they are saying stuff that makes no sense whatsoever. AND YES EVERYTHING IS UP TO DATE. I called Adobe Photoshop for help and they said that it could be the file that is corrupt.

            My question to them after that was, how was I able to print from the same file, no changes, previously and now it's corrupt?

            He was not able to give me any random example of how a file can become corrupt. I'm not handy with computers and don't understand any computer language... Please just tell me how to fix this problem without having to re-do all my files.


            It doesn't make sense that I would have to create a file twice to print 1 copy. Is this a bug that can be fixed in photoshop, a program as expensive as this shouldn't fail every time you print, and shouldn't have a work around to be able to do a highly used function.


            Will this happen to all of my files if they are only being printed from periodically? It seems to happen a lot and i can never find an answer.

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              Curt Y Level 7

              The most likely cause of a crash when printing is the printer driver.  Go to makers website and see if there is an update.

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                I have experienced this problem as well. I have had quite a bit if interactions with Adobe and haven't yet resolved it.


                The problem occurs when two events occur.


                1. You have printed to a printer that doesn't play nice with Photoshop (either CS6 or CC). The print command could have worked just fine. Many open, close edits could have occurred.. photoshop remembers the last printer used in the preferences.


                2. You print a completely unrelated document which the saved printer information can't be understood by Photoshop. Photoshop will immediately crash.




                1. Use CS5


                2. Save all work before using print.


                3. Create a new document and slide all your layers over to that document. That new document will print fine to any printer. This fixes avoids issue #2.


                I agree with Adobe the problem is related to some specific printers, but they are printers that worked just fine with CS5, they print just fine, they just don't work when the above set of conditions occur.