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    Indesign CC + Magic Mouse = problems (the famous can't save bug)


      Hello all


      I'm having a problem that other users have related here as well, but I squared it down to a single culprit - the Apple Magic Mouse


      Some info:


      - Latest 24" iMac (just out of the box); latest Magic Mouse; all updates done (10.8.4)

      - All CC updates applied


      Reproducing the problem:


      - Indesign opens fine.

      - I can open documents and do whatever I want

      - I select the text tool and draw a text frame; fill it with dummy text content.


      Now the problems begin:


      - I drag a handle of the text frame; the page spread moves a bit (a bad sign, why the spread is jumping around?) and the text won't reflow to the new frame settings - only after a double click. Two edges appear on the text frame - the old one and the new one, like if the mouse dragging event never finished.


      - after this happens, I'm stuck in the classic "no undo, no save" state that is related by many other users with Indesign CC.


      How I solve the problem:


      - restart indesign, turn off magic mouse, use a normal usb mouse. Everything works just fine.