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    Importing short .prel clips back into an existing project

    gbrmk Level 1

      I seem to remember this has come up (often?!) before, but I can't recall the answer and can't find it in Steve's book.  Basically I've got a long project on the go (in the end it will be about 1½ hr) and I'm just working on a few clips at a time, saving them and moving on.


      Because I still haven't (this is another confession) got around to establishing a decent work flow, I save the clips I've worked with and finished in a separate folder, and then delete them from my project (ie remove them from the Timeline).   (But again, even as I ask the question I seem to sense the answer, but I'll finish the question).   What I've been doing up to now is rendering say half a dozen or a score of clips, maybe 2 - 4 minutes' worth or so, and saving them as .m2t movie.   Then when ready to assemble the completed movie, I bring the .m2t clips back in as if starting a new project and then render them as a complete final product and then burn to DVD.


      But (is this the answer?) those .prel files should still be among my Project Assets, eg X.prel  .... Y.prel ....Z.prel .... etc, so it looks as tho' I'm going to a lot of extra bother for nothing.   It just hadn't occurred to me before.


      Also is it the case that if one renders the files in movie form, whether m2t, or avi or whatever, the more one re-records them (or re-renders and re-records) is one actually also degrading the files, as one would do if one keeps on saving and re-saving .jpeg files?   (I don't mean working on .prel files as such, I mean opening existing movie clips in PE11, doing a bit more work on them, and then rendering them to DVD, or a website or a folder or wherever.)


      But I haven't quite answered my own question because suppose this (as really happens):   You're working on a project in PE11, and want to add some .prel files from outside the current project which one worked on in a previous project.   There seems no way (?) of adding those .prel files to the new project without making some kind of movie clip that one can import into PE11 using the Add Media facility.   (You can't import them using Add Media, PE11 simply doesn't recognise them -- which actually sounds a little odd to me, after all, PE11 *created* those files, so why can't it import them as "Media"?)


      If there is such a way, it's not obvious to me.   Sorry for being so long-winded about it.   Hope I've been clear as to what I mean.


      So thanks again for help on this.


      all best


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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          First, just to be clear, a .prel file is not a media file. It is a project file. You can't add a .prel file to a Premiere Elements project. You will not see .prel files among your assets.


          Your workflow looks to be correct. You are outputting each short segment of your movie using Publish & Share/Computer/AVCHD using the M2T 1920x1080 30i output, producing M2T files. Then you are combining those finished M2T files into a final mix-down project and outputting your DVD from there.


          If you're using this workflow, you should see virtually no degradation in quality as you output each segment. They should look virtually identical to your original footage.


          The only reduction you will see is in resolution when you go from 1920x1080 high definition video to 720x480 DVD. There's nothing you can do about this (other than output a BluRay rather than a DVD). DVDs are standard resolution, so they don't have nearly the detail of high-def video. But, other than that, your finished DVD should look almost as good as the original.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9



            In addition to Steve G's comments and suggestions, see this article on what a .PREL is, and what it is not: http://forums.adobe.com/message/3392837#3392837


            Good luck,



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              gbrmk Level 1

              Many thanks, that's very helpful Steve.   Good to know I'm on the right track re publishing short sequences and then connecting them up.   Also thanks for clarifying the question of degradation of images.  I'm so used to working in Photoshop (full versions) where things are very different.

              all best


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                gbrmk Level 1

                Thanks Bill.  I think I do (or I thought I did, but maybe I don't really) understand about .prel files -- I regard them as comparable to MIDI files, ie instructions to the computer on how to go about constructing the piece of music, but not the music itself.   The MIDI file might be a few kilobytes but the music it eventually puts together will be Mb or Gb ...


                Where I perhaps don't understand is not seeing why you can't import these instructions (prel files) from a folder on your computer into existing instructions (the prel files you've been working on in the project).  I do understand that this cannot be as media files since they're not media files, but so what?  Why can't Adobe simply arrange it so that we can import them?   It's actually a very long time (many years) since I worked with MIDI, so I may be wrong here (many will be able to correct me on the forum I know) but I seem to recall that one could add new MIDI files to an existing MIDI project.


                Incidentally, PE11 is very insistent and obtrusive (at least on my pc!) -- eg I won't have closed it while working on something outside PE to include in my project (it could be a Photoshop file, or Audacity, or something from the web) but every so often the PE project screen will pop up, rudely interrupting what else I've got going.   No other software I know does this!  LOL.   Like an infant, it *will* not be neglected. 


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                  John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  >Why can't Adobe simply arrange it so that we can import them?


                  People here are other users, not Adobe... so can't answer that... but there is a link where you may tell Adobe what you want



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                    the_wine_snob Level 9



                    The MIDI analogy is a good one. Many people think that a MIDI file IS a music file. As you state, it is just instructions for a MIDI program, telling how to play music from those instructions with the program's "voices."


                    What saddens me, is the post saying something like "I Saved my Project, then Deleted all those media files, since they are in my PREL... " If the Recycle Can has been emptied, the user is usually hosed - unless they can recover the Deleted files with a utility like Stellar-Phoenix. I always hate to share the bad news with them. If they are lucky, and Captured from miniDV tape, or still have their SD/CF card, with the original files, they will just need to Capture again, or Import again, but the files that they used, are gone.


                    In PrPro, there is an added benefit - Sequences, which are like mini-Projects within a Project. For doing what you are doing, they provide a very good workflow. Unfortunately, PrE provides a single Timeline per Project.


                    Your workflow is as good as it gets in PrE.


                    Good luck, and thanks for the MIDI file analogy. I will use that in the future. Unfortunately, too few will get it.



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                      gbrmk Level 1

                      Hi Bill, thanks yet again!   Pleased the MIDI analogy is useful.  OMG that little vignette about the ‘deleted files’ is a real horror.  Actually invariably not only do I make copies of all photo and video files before I start work on them, but I leave the originals on the SDHC card until I know I wont need them again (belt and braces) and I have more than one card of course.


                      If I continue, and I think I will, I can see I’m going to have to upgrade at some stage to the Pro version (but I’m nowhere near good enough yet) and anyway if I do, I’m sure I’ll need something better than my movie-capable Canon DSLR.


                      Thanks for the encouragement re the workflow – it complements Steve’s kind comments earlier.




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                        gbrmk Level 1

                        Thanks John.  For interest, what do you use for editing videos?   I may have mentioned several months ago, before I got PE11 I tried Corel but it kept crashing my machine and correspondence with the makers (supposed to be a helpline) got me absolutely nowhere.   So Corel’s loss was Adobe’s gain.


                        Bill Hunt has given me some ideas about prel files.  It might not be that easy – it may be one thing to start a project creating the files, but simply not practicable to add such files later.


                        But it can’t do any harm to write to them, so thanks.