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    Cfpsreadsheet read strangeness


      I have a spreadsheet that I update and process.

      It has numbers on the top row that I use for an index.

      I was asked to remove the number row as it is causing problems when people don't renumber the top row properly, however when I do, the dat gets inported ver strangely - some columns get duplicated and others totally left out.


      Here are pictures of the top few rows of the spreadsheet and a dump of the query that is produced by cfspreadsheet Read.

      The top one has rows and works.

      The second set does not.



      The same spreadsheet with no top numbers produces this - the first record with the department number  is duplicated 6 times instead of one column for each column in the spreadsheet:




      <cfelseif isDefined('UploadDataType') and UploadDataType is 'XXX'>

           <cfspreadsheet action="read" src="#theFile#" sheetname = "XXXDATA" query="XXXdata" headerrow="1"   >



      Any suggestions on how to correct this would be greatly appreceated. I have tried both including anx excluding the header row with the same results.