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    Tween Page Transitions

      I want to have animated page transitions when i load my .swf's onto my site. I basically have a master swf and different swf's are loaded into the master when the user navigates. The code below is what happens when the user presses the locations button....locations.swf is loaded onto the master.swf. How would i animate the .swf onto the page using ActionScript?? I know how to use the timeline but I want to learn how to use actionscript to do it....
      Heres the code that loads "locations.swf" onto the page

      MM_locations.onRelease = function () {
      this.enabled = false;
      changeOptionColor(this, overColor);
      _level0.myMCL.loadClip("locations.swf", 5);

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          niki tsanov Level 1
          So first try using MovieClipLoader if you work with AS2 because he has function like onLoadInit that mean when the loaded movieclip first frame is executed after that u can use some onEnterFrame or just using transitions.Tween class to animated the loaded movieclip