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    CS3 strange pasting behavior to New documents - loss of formatting


      I know CS3 is pretty old hat, but that's what we're stuck with at my workplace. We're also on old macs, but that doesnt seem to be the issue: the first to have this problem is on Snow Leopard, the second on Tiger.

      I asked this question here a year ago to no avail, but now I have more understanding of what it's doing, and it's now affecting two of our four computers, so it's also a bigger issue. Or at least a more mildly aggrivating one.


      Honestly, we can live with it, I'm just baffled by the strange behavior, and whatever suggestions anyone has, we'd love to have this fixed so it's not a bother.




      The problem is this - text frame options (Inset spacing, vertical justification) revert to 0" for inset and Top for vertical justification when pasted into a new document, regardless of the new document's default settings, with some strange exceptions:


      • Copy/paste from an old document into another old document works flawlessly. No loss of formatting, so long as the document isn't created as a New. Same goes for New documents to New documents.


      • Copy/pasting from old to new loses all formatting EXCEPT - whatever textbox is in the furthest lower right pasted in will retain its formatting. As in, whatever box is the furthest right and then furthest down pastes exactly as it should. Changing which text boxes are copied changes which one pastes correctly. Always the one furthest right and then furthest down.


      • This happens both between old -> new documents and new -> old documents, with the same right and down exception


      • It happens ONLY to new documents created on the two afflicted compters while those documents are open for the first time, which is perhapes the weirdest thing: New documents that are saved and then reopened will work fine in all cases. Create new document, pasting is messed up. SAVE that document and reopen it, pasting works fine. Not a thing is changed, just close and reopen the document and all is well. Any saved document opened on the unafflicted computers also work as normal, same with any new document they create and save.




      I have no idea what causes this - it has been on one of our computers since we got it (the Snow Leopard iMac), but the Tiger one has been operating fine for years without this problem until just recently. No amount of resetting preferences fixes it, it is not a Paragraph or Text Styles issue (as far as I can tell, as even without any style formatting it still happens), all the Preferences that I can think to check are identical between the working and problematic computers. It's just some wacky behavior.


      The weird exception to the formatting loss on the bottom right, the fact that New documents can have stuff copied to other New documents without issue, that it fixes itself upon a save and reopening, it's all just beyond me.


      Like I said, this isn't life or death, but if anyone has any clue as to what's happening we'd be glad to hear it!