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    cs6 how to make 2d map come out of 3d earth

    Level 4


      I have a pic of earth...like this...


      earth copy.jpg

      and a map graphic like this...


      IceAgeLast-Mine1 72ppi-copy.jpg


      the background of both images is alpha ( transparent ). I wanna put the map over the earth and bend it so it conforms to the earth shape kinda close to the the scale and position the earth pic shows...

      Then ( using scale position etc ) I basically dip to black for the earth pic and bring up the map graphic as it sorta gets lifted off the surface of that earth pic.

      In other words, we start tight on the earth like you see...and this map pic conforms to that ( even though it's not visible yet ). Now I dip to black on earth pic and bring map pic UP to visible at same time ( sorta a cross dissolve..)

      At the SAME time ( over about 10 secs ) I now am changing the scale of BOTH so that I end up seeing the pic of map graphic in the end...and no earth pic at all.


      But I want to go from the map graphic being conformed to the curvature of the earth pic.. to the flat 2d end pic you see here at the same time.


      Basically, we see earth, we start to see earth fade as map ( which matches curvature of earth and scale ) comes up...and then the whole transition also scales DOWN so that in end of 10 secs or so.. we see the end pic of map graphic.


      I am a new AE user.


      thanks !