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    Having trouble creating clickable banner ad/header


      I have gone the route already of creating an invisible button for my header. All I would like to do is be able to click it and it will return the user back to the main index file without opening a new window. When I click on the swf file there is a pointer but nothing happens. Clicking does not oppen a window, or redirect anywhere. I have the following in my actions file in the layer I created.


      clickTAG.onRelease = function(){

      getURL(" http://www.domain.com", "_self");



      I have also tried the following as well:

      on(release) {

      if (clickTAG.substr(0,4) == 'http') {

      getURL(clickTAG, "http://www.domain.com", "_self");




      I have researched and tried changing to several others but have not had any success. I am sure I am missing something simple here but can not figure it out.