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    DRM Issue

    asaweb2013 Level 1

      One month ago I configured my FMS server 4.5 to use DRM as explained at Adobe tutorial located at address http://help.adobe.com/en_US/flashmediaserver/devguide/WS47c0525fe440307e-685173b213221ed70 9a-8000.html#WSa14020e912d5027b77f49e0c130902d8132-8000.


      It was working excellent until last week, protecting very nice all our videos. But in this week this protection stopped to work in our server stopping all our videos and nothing more working. I needed to comment stopping the follow tags for our videos returning to be working again:


      EncryptionScope server
      ProtectionScheme phds


      I contacted my datacenter asking if someone there done any changes in server. The oinly thing that they said was that tried to install Awstats stats to be applied to HDS streaming. But after any configuration not worked again with DRM protection. I done all configuration related in link above again, and the only tag that are showing again is the "bootstrapInfo". You can see what are showing in our F4m at address as example.


      But that DRM tags are not showing nothing more.


      Can someone help me to find and fix this issue please?


      I wait any reply and help about this question.