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    Dual Xeon poor performance in AE

    JamesWhiffin555 Level 1

      Hello. Firstly, my problem is not regarding rendering from the render que. It is about rendering frames in the timeline.


      I recently upgraded from an i7 2600k to dual xeon 2690s (top of the line). In the after effects timeline (not the render que) my i7 would use 100% cpu to render the frame. However my xeons never go beyond 20%. In a complex scene they will literally sit there for 2 minutes on 9% cpu usage, drawing the frame. The i7 (using 100% cpu) renders the frame much faster!


      In the render que it is possible to get my xeons to get to 100% using multi-processing, but it is unacceptable that this very expensive rig is far slower than my 2600k in the timeline. If i can't solve this problem i will have no choice but to abandon my xeons and go back to the 2600k.


      Is anyone else running dual xeons in ae? Are you getting higher cpu usage than 20%? One possibility is that because my xeons are engineering samples from ebay they aren't as effective as retail. However maya utilises 100% cpu usage from them all the time. It's just after effects i'm having trouble with. Any advice is much appreciated.




      Windows 8 x64.

      2 x Intel Xeon 2690s

      64GB ram




      After Effects CC

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          Todd_Kopriva Level 8

          We don't know anything about the composition that you're working with.


          Are you using the ray-traced 3D renderer? What effects? What kinds of footage?


          It helps if you provide answers to the questions listed here:


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            JamesWhiffin555 Level 1

            My bad. I don't use any GPU accelerated effects or raytracing. I often work with psds as source footage or .movs. I use a lot of 3rd party plugins (sapphire glows, frischluft volumetrics, trapcode particular).


            The compositions i am working in i have worked on (within one day) on both my i7 2600k rig and my dual xeon rig so i was directly able to compare the speed and cpu usage of the two systems.


            Edit: I have just created a 4k comp with massive radial and lens blurs. After effects is using one thread at 100%, the 31 other threads are sitting idle.

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              LFedit Level 1

              Hey James, I just started doing some direct comparisons as well and looks like i'm getting similar results.  I'll keep digging further, but yes my i7 rig is substantially faster than my dual xeon, in just about every aspect.  I'm seeing the same 7-9% on the Xeon when trying to preview/RAM preview whatever we call it now.


              However, If I take a 4k 16bit tiff sequence and ONLY apply radial blur to it and export.  I can get after effects to use all cores to render the frame... which is exactly what I see on my i7.  So I suspect it's something else that's causing the issue....


              But I certainly agree with you that the i7 is much faster with the most recent update to AE (2015.3)