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    Output data to look like form input data


      Hey guys I'm looking for a specific feature and I'm wondering if a subscription to Forms central would allow me to do this.


      I want to design an online form (that looks nice) for my wedding Cinematography & Photography company. This for would be sent to clients about two weeks before thier wedding reminding them of some things like getting in their balance, (no need for dynamic data merge) this would just be a static"Don't forget" note. but then the form would have things they will fill out like:


      • Bride and Grooms name as they want it spelled on thier wedding film....I am thinking of something that almost looks like an i9 for from the IRS. You know it would have the little spots for each letter of the name _ _ _ _ _ etc...
      • Permanent mailing adress  etc...
      • other various quiestions....


      Then I want a section where they can upload some documents or a couple of still images to us.


      Then the form would have some parts that maybe they don't see (You know sort of like, for staff use only notes).


      The real trick in this is rather than looking at the data in an excel style database what I need to do is recieve an email notification of the form or even a PDF of the form and maybe the picture files attached in email. I don't mind going to the database to download the file attachements if need be but the excel style view is not what I need in the end. The reason I need it to print out like an actual form is I plan that this form will get put on a clip board and will follow thier project around the studio as it gets worked on by a producer, then an editor, then a color specialist, and then a sound engineer etc... All these people might be putting notes on that form as it comes around to them. If it can happen electronicly then cool but I don't mind simply printing the form out once the client fills it out as long as I can create sections for my different staff to write (old school pen and paper) on it.


      If this isn't the right product does anybody have a suggestion?


      Thank you,