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    digital signature has been revoked

    sRydan Level 1

      not sure if I messed something up, but this looked unusual considering other signed msi's installed just fine (msi log excerpt):

      "MSI (c) (BC:10) [19:17:41:473]: SOFTWARE RESTRICTION POLICY: K:\GroupsG\Software\Adobe\FlashPlayer\fp_11.8.800.94_archive\11_8_r800_94\flashplayer11_8 r800_94_win.msi was disallowed because a required certificate in its digital signature has been revoked by its issuer (status = 0x800B010C). The returned execution level was 0"

      (extracted from fp_11.8.800.94_archive.zip)

      I also got a windows download warning after getting this one:

      "install_flash_player_11_active_x.msi was reported as unsafe"

      tried the exe, same thing on download.

      though executing flashplayer11_8r800_94_win.exe gave no problem.

      I prefer msi though... and fp_11.7.700.232_archive.zip had no msi's

      did I bug myself? lol .. I have been messing around on my system to improve some playblack performance though