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    Download assistant doesn't run and purchased software isn't in My Orders

    Alison Utting

      After several hours of going around in circles yesterday and today, I hope someone can help me out.  This is the saga so far-


      Problem 1.  I wanted to download a trial versions of Premiere Elements 11 to upgrade from my version 7.  In Firefox, I got to the download section but no Download Now button shows so that I can install the Download Assistant.  I changed to Internet Explorer 8 and got a Download Now button which I then ran.  It showed the screen to install the assistant and when the install was finished, nothing happened.  No automatic download of the software, just nothing.  Amongst the forum threads I searched, I found the Download Installation and Help page and went to Downloading a trial - problems with Download Assitant using this link




      and then the Troubleshoot and Download Assistant FAQ links in that thread, both of which were no help.  At this point I gave up on trying to download a trial and thought I would just buy the software instead.


      Problem 2.  I bought the Photoshop/Premiere Elements 11 Education combo ok, got the email with the serial number ok, so I went to the Adobe website and logged in.  The serial numbers for the 2 programs appear in My Products and Services so I went to My Orders and when I click on My recent orders OR My order history, nothing happens and I get no link to where I can download the programs.  Once again I tried this in both Firefox and Internet Explorer 8 and several times over the last 24 hours with no change in being able to do anything from My Orders.  I have logged in and out of Adobe several times as well.


      Since I am still not having any luck, I did some more seaching for help starting with this link




      no help there as I still can't get anything to come up in My Orders.


      Another thread gave this link




      One of the links in this thread suggested to go back and install the trial version and then enter the serial number - got the same result as I did when I first tried this route.

      Another person suggested there is a link to download the software next to the serial number in Order History - no luck there again as I can't get anything to work in My Orders and there is no such link in My Products next to the serial numbers.


      I would appreciate some suggestions on why the Download Assistant isn't working to try and get a trial version downloaded or else why my purchases aren't appearing in My Orders.  Is there a time delay between purchasing software and when it appears in My Orders as it is nearly 2 days since I placed my order and I would have thought I would be able to have downloaded everything by now.