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    Help! My text always getting cropped

    Rahardiyan A

      Hi, i work at advertising design...


      well, i use InDesign to design and Photoshop to convert to JPEG or TIFF....

      and i using these step when print/convert :

      1. Print at InDesign using .ps or PostScript format.

      2. convert it to PDF using Distiller with High/Press Quality Setting.

      3. open PDF in Photoshop and save it to JPG or TIFF.


      and my question is, my text that i designed in InDesign always getting Cropped at Top or Bottom.

      This is the example.



      as can you see, at top of text "Th. 2013" is cropped... and sometime it getting worse.

      when i see the PDF file, it goes fine, no cropped text.

      can you guys tell me? am i do something wrong, or my PhotoShop is error..?

      Thanks Before


      Np: Sorry for my bad english.