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    Weird problem with CS3 - moved application binary


      I've spent the last 24 hours searching boards like this one for answers to a very simple question. I was given an iMac with the Adobe CS3 on it (though I've seen people with the same problem through cs5), and every program gave me bugs. Photoshop wouldn't do Photomerge, InDesign wouldn't open at all because of missing plugin, Illustrator was missing its brushes tool. Again, these problems, individually are all over these boards with complicated, unsuccessful attempts to fix it.


      Because I was given the computer, I had no idea if he had moved his files or whatnot. I was working from nothing.


      The solution is very simple. The Application itself has to be inside the Folder and opened from there. For beginners like me, who knows computers alright but never done anything as complicated as a CS, I'm not used to programs being so particular.


      I know some of you are very helpful and have tried to help others with this problem, and I have only seen one (just now in a burried conversation unrelated to this) even hint at it (clearly, at least. I'm competent, I like to think).


      So if this reaches one person who might remember and help one other person, this five minutes was worth it. I hope I never have to come here again, thank you. Now, I get to have some fun!