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    Adobe premiere project wont load


      Hello all, i have the latest imac and premiere cs6:

      ive been working on a fairly large project and everything was going fine until i noticed that it started taking longer and longer to save. first the auto save went-nothing would happen so i would hit cancel which would bring up the pinwheel but at the time that would eventually go away. command-s still worked (or so i thought) until i tried to finish up for the day and save but the program ended up crashing. after this last time the project would not open at all.

      since then ive tried everything i could find: deleting prefs, moving project contents, renaming folders, importing into a new project, auto save files, etc but nothing works. the load bar pops up and i get nothing-maybe a sliver of the bar at best. ive dealt with corrupted projects before but never this severe. im at a loss please help. thank you.