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    How To Track Audio Level by Keyframe Numerically

    fhxfhx Level 1


      I want to change the track volume from time A to time B by submitting numeric values for track volume at time A and B, and let Premiere alter the track volume accordingly when playing back. Basically, how do I update the value of the keyframe numerically ? How is this done ?


      When I place the time cursor in timeline and adjust the track volume in audio mixer and then hit the add-keyframe rhomb at the track head, then it creates a new keyframe, but not with the value of the track volume in the audio-mixer. Unless it was the very first keyframe i've created.




      I do not want to alter volume keyframes by dragging, that is not working precise enough to even come close to the targeted volume setting.

      I also do not want to record live track-slider changes in the Audio-Mixer.


      At http://help.adobe.com/en_US/premierepro/cs/using/WS1c9bc5c2e465a58a91cf0b1038518aef7-7f35a .html i saw "Adjust track volume with keyframes", but wasn't able to find any " ... Track > Volume from the drop-down menu at the head of the clip in the audio track", seems that corresponds to clip volume again and not to track volume.