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    Vast plugin help; OSMF player; tracking

    atc07 Level 1

      I'm integrating a SpotXchange Ad Tag through the OSMF player plugin VAST 2.0. This is their sample ad tag:



      The request requires some dynamic elements:


      1. "cb=[random_number]"

      random number for cache busting


      2. "content_page_url=[page_url]"

      the page url that the tag is playing on, which would change for every video page the tag is played on. For example content_page_url=www.youtube.com/videos/1238746


      I have added the random number using [timestamp]:



      How do I add the page_url dynamically? I have been researching and trying new stuff for about 2 weeks with much frustration and without any success. I would appeciate any help or insights you could provide!