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    Extrude in Cinema 4D lite?




      Very excited to be using Cinema 4D Lite and I'm very imprssed with what you get out of the box.


      I looked at the side by side table for all the cinema 4d versions and the table says C4D Lite DOES support extruding, but every time I try to extrude a face the quick keys don't work, the menus that a tutorial shows aren't there. Can someone please clarify if I can do this basic modeling task in lite?


      Thank you!

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          red-mike Community Member

          Nevermind. Manual says polygonal extrude option not available in lite.

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            Rick Gerard ACP/MVP

            The easiest thing to do for modeling in Lite is to use Blender to build an OBJ file then place that in your C4D file. Blender is free and amazingly powerful.

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              Agreed - Blender is awesome. Looks like this is the best option for users that don't have the full version of C4d. I've been really liking the integration of the two (C4d and  AE) and I do realize that it's a stripped down version of studio, but why take out extrude? Even now while typing this I find it odd that they'd give you the option to modify polygons, but eliminate the ability to extrude one. Guess we're limited to simple shapes. Blender does have it's minor quirks but, for modeling, I find it much more intuitive than Cinema.