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    Movie Clip Control

      I would like to give my viewers the option to back up in my movie clip (thumbnail images) on this page
      can I place actionscript on a button. (like the third wooden button) instead of constant clicking?
      Thanks for any clues–
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          Webmaster_Pete Level 1
          I see that your first wooden button is a 'scroll down' button which plays through
          the length of the thumbnails. Do you mean you want to replicate and reverse this on the third wooden button 'scroll up' ?

          I'm just guessing here but I'd say you accually have your thumbnail gallery scrolling down as a motion tween and your scroll up button just has a 'goto previous frame' type function on it?

          If the previous statement is true then I would suggest two options for you.

          1.) You take the scrolling functionality out of a timeline and do it all with action script. This would be the most effective way of doing it.

          2.) Since you probably don't want to make serious edits to that .fla. Here's another way. You have a boolean called 'is_rev' and a function called 'play_backwards'. These are contained within the same movie clip as your thumbnail gallery.

          <!-- code
          var is_rev:Boolean = false;

          Your third wooden button has these actions on it.
          this.is_rev = true;
          this.prevFrame(); // This is to start the reverse loop;

          Your first wooden button would have this on it.
          this.is_rev = false;

          Your second wooden button would have this on it.
          this.is_rev = false;

          The function would be:
          function play_backwards()

          Now on every single frame of your scrolling gallery you need to call this.play_backwards();

          Please note the way I structured the coding assumes every object is on the same timeline. If your buttons are in a different/parent movie clip relative to your gallery movie clip, your going to need to make sure 'this' is set relative to the two objects. (i.e. on your button -> this.prevFrame(); would probably be this.gallery.prevFrame(); )

          A quick design note. If your buttons symbolize scrolling not movement they should be reversed since as the thumbnail gallery is moving upwards the user is scrolling downwards.
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            BobbiJo1 Level 1
            Thank You Pete! for your reply. First off, your guess is right about my actionscript (as.).

            I tried most of what you suggested, but I have to admit I'm still a bit of a novice, so some of this I didn't get. What do I do to "call" a function. I basically only know how to put as. on buttons directly.
            Also, is the as. you gave me for each button complete as is, or do I add them to what I have?

            If you could maybe tell me more about the boolean, where does that go? Do I have to add as. to frames too?

            I really appreciate your help. Hope I'm not too much of a P.I.A.

            Thanks Again–