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    I want to need a help.



      I use a notebook(GE700 by MSI), and it had a problem.


      I installed the Flash Player ver.11.8.800.94.  But it sometimes makes a problem.


      If I watch a video on Internet, Youtube and other media streaming services, the screen will be black.

      So, I asked MSI, but they said 'That notebook's graphic card(Radeon HD5730) had a problem, so you must installed Flash Player ver.10.'.


      But when I installed the Flash player ver.10., I saw a message 'It is old version, so you must installed latest version(ver.11).'.

      I installed the Flash Player ver.11 and latest firmware about graphic cards and all things(That is an way to solve a problem by MSI).

      But It can't solve this problem.


      So, I want to need a help.


      If you know an way to install the Flash Player ver.10 or other way to solve that problem,  send a e-mail to [removed]  please.

      Thank you.