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    Edgehero.js 0.1 Released!! IMPORTANT

    robboerman Level 4



      Dear Edge Animate user,


      I released my .js extension library today.

      Edgehero.js is made to make things simple for the beginner and to save time for the expert!


      what does Edgehero support?


      Edgehero.js supports

      - centering

      - forms/inputs

      - html5 video

      - menus

      - canvas

      - youtube/vimeo embeding

      - 3D rotate including 3dcubes

      and a lot more!


      How does it work?


      Simple, just add a class to a rectangle(div)

      Example for centering: add class "center" to the rectangle and it will center! it's that easy!


      How to add an class in Edge Animate?




      For more info and documentation visit www.edgehero.com


      I made also some examples! Watch and download them for free at http://www.edgehero.com/examples.html


      I would love to hear your respondes/comments/views on this!


      - Rob