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    How do I loop a section of sound and animation not at the beginning of the animation?

    Christine Ewert

      Hello, I am a total Flash noob hoping to get something done reliatively quickly. I am using Flash Professional's CS6 trail version for this purpose. However I am a bit unsure of how to work this loop button. What I am attempting to do is create a little interactive game. I'd love to have the opening be a title animation that plays just once and then comes to a section of music and 2 buttons ("play" and "how to play") that will loop until the player decides which to click. When I used the loop tool, it created a section for me to drag around. I dragged it to include the sound and animation for the section I want looped. However, when I tried to play the animation from the beginning, it skipped the opening and went straight to the looped part. Plus it totally didn't loop. I am quite inexperienced and still trying to learn, how might I get the Flash to play from the beginning and then rech the looped section and have it loop continuously until someone pushes the button? None of the tutorials I have seen so far covered this and if it involve entering code then I am at a loss. Thanks for any and all help.