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    Premiere elements 11 crashes - mac


      Premiere elements 11 crashes on MacPro, works on laptop.  I uninstalled.  Are previous versions the problem?  I see Elements 6 and 10 on the MacPro machine.

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          There is no Premiere Elements 6 (Windows or Mac). What are those Elements programs that you mention?


          I have an unbelievable number of versions of Premiere Elements and Photoshop Elements on my Windows 7 64 bit and all run well. I run one at at time. Are you running low on computer resources by the addition to the MacPro? (By the way, is the laptop, a Mac also?)


          Have you seen the following Adobe document on troubleshooting errors and freezes on Mac?

          http://helpx.adobe.com/photoshop-elements/kb/troubleshoot-errors-freezes-install-photoshop .html


          Did you get your Premiere Elements 11 from Mac App Store as Adobe Premiere Elements Editor (Mac Only) or Adobe Premiere Elements Quick Editor (Mac Only)?


          Please review. We will be watching for your follow up.


          Thank you.



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            cvjmusic Level 1

            Hey thanks, ATR -


            Yes, sorry, I meant PHOTOSHOP Elements 6 and 10


            Yes, the laptop is a MacBook Pro, but slower than the desktop MacPro Intel Dual Core 2.66 with 20G of RAM.  It's my recording studio computer so perhaps there is some software that is interfering (Logic 9 or Pro Tools maybe).  From what I've been reading, I have all the minimum computer requirements and then some.  Again, no problems on the laptop.  Come to think of it, the laptop also has Pro Tools and Logic 9 installed.  Weird.  Constant crashes on the desktop.


            I have been going through different docs and threads but everything I've read seems to indicate I shouldn't have any problems.  I'll keep searching.


            I bought Premiere Elements 11 from here, the Adobe site, download version.


            I've been waiting for chat support and they're ringing me now.  Will see what they say.




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              cvjmusic Level 1

              Well, the first chat rep couldn't help.  Everything seems ok so there shouldn't be any problems.  Transferring me to operator at Adobe Service now... ugh


              I'm thinking reinstall - perhaps something went wrong on that computer.  Let's see what the next rep tells me.

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                cvjmusic Level 1

                Well, here is my result from the chat:


                "I have checked and see that in this case, I will forward a request to our relevant team who will work on your case and contact you via email at the earliest with an update."


                So the wait begins..


                Thanks for your help!


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                  A.T. Romano Level 7



                  Thanks for follow up on the troubleshooting.


                  We will be watching for further developments.


                  Looking forward to good news.