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    MultCam Clip Property Changes

    Jules Helm

      I did a multi-cam edit at 1280 x 720, then was given the original 1440 x 1080 footage. Great! Now I thought this would be a simple fix by replacing the low quality footage, with Higher Res footage on the hard drive folder.  That was successful.T hen create a new Sequence at 1440x1080 and copy the multi sync edit from the 720 sequence window, to the new 1080 sequence window. This worked only to a point, it brought in the new footage in, but the multi-sync clip original properties left a 720 border around the edge therefore clipping the HD footage. Is there a way to change the properties of the multi-sync clip to reflect the larger size and therefore remove the current big black border this is clipping the image.  Thanks for any insight or suggestions!