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    Dynamic Link is Confused.

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      So i am doing a video short with nothing but mts green screen clips. I am going from the PPro seq and replacing clip with AE comp. so here i am at comp number 26 and suddenly its replacing the clip with the ae comp as desired but its also replacing the next clip.


      so say i have 10 clips on a timeline. i I round trip the all of them for green screen in ae. Then i start teh tweaks and extras. I right clip 7 and edit original... go to ae and do tweaks ... save and quit. When i get back to PPro cs5 clip seven update but clip 8 now carries the same exact content. Its almost like i duplicated clip 7.


      If i re-key the original footage of clip 8 and round trip, clip 9 is now a duplicate of clip 8 and so on and so on.


      I do not get it. The comps are names grn clip 1 and grn clip 2 ... ect.  the clips in the comps come from 5 separate source files. No 2 come back to back.


      It started doing this on grn clip 26.


      What gives?

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          SpareWheel Level 2



          Name your clips in the AE project differently. Unique file names.


          Do not use numbers with generic headings. For example, grn clip 1, green clip 2 etc. Try green clip one, green clip two etc.


          However, I have found even using the same two words confuses the ID and then you will see the same clip when all the information tells you it's different.


          This works for me:


          Save your project. . Delete (not clean) the Media Cache. Open AE. Purge in AE (Edit >> Purge >> All. Close AE.


          Re-open your project in Prem Pro. Wait until the cache has refreshed and see if the clips are now correct.


          Failing that, rename your AE clips to use exclusive naming forms - in other words, make all the AE files unique.


          I think this is a known bug in CS5. One which ran me round in circles when I first saw it.