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    Why won't symbol go behind main shape?

    mikewooz Level 1

      Wanting to learn Illustrator and create my first logo, I found the How to Design a Logo with Illustrator to be very good... up to a point   Once I got past the Create graphic and coloring graphic is where I am running into a problem.  When the tutorial has you place a banner into the workspace, it is actually in front of the main graphic.  Paul utilized the layer tool to move the banner below the main graphic and it obviously worked.  However, when I tried the same step, my banner "looked" like it moved behind, but it didn't.  Actually it may have, but I could still see the banner via the transparency of the main graphic.  I did not alter any steps that Paul directed, so I am obviously very confused at this point as to what is going on.  I am using Adobe Creative Cloud and am wondering if something has changed since this tutorial was published. 


      Please help as I am really psyched about getting this ball rolling in the right direction.

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          clgoodman Adobe Employee

          Hi Mike,


          You will want to check to make sure that the layer containing the top ribbon-shaped banner is lower in the order in the Layers panel than the one containing your main graphic (the one with the orange/red gradient). That would put the ribbon behind the main graphic. Here's a screen shot of how mine are ordered:




          If this is the case, you might check your opacity settings on your main graphic. You can do this by selecting that graphic and checking for 100% opacity in the editing bar at the top of the Illustrator workspace.


          Hope this helps!