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    sRGB- but wich one?


      I profile my moniter & constantly change my profiles from MelissaSrgb.... to ProPhoto..... to IEC61966 (no blk)...... to sRGBv2...... to sRGBv4!  Im just wondering what the majority of photoshopers use??

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          Noel Carboni Level 8

          What operation(s) are you talking about?  Choice of the working color space you use in your documents?


          Keep in mind that profiles shown in lists are generally derived from .icc or .icm files you have on your computer, and not everyone has the same ones.



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            From the vague and somewhat cryptic message in your post it's unclear what you are asking.


            You start by mentioning profiling your monitor then you say you "constantly change" your profiles.  You should not change your monitor profile once you calibrate it and profile it.  Use whatever monitor profile you saved at the end of the calibration process and don't touch it again until you calibrate and profile it again.


            It's the saving of the result of the calibration process that is called "profiling the monitor".  It should always be dependent on your specific monitor unit.


            Then you mention Melissa sRGB, ProPhoto RGB, and IEC61966.  Those are device-independent standard color spaces, that should never, ever be used as "monitor profiles".


            Finally you ask "what the majority of photoshopers use". Use for what?  As monitor profile, you can only use your saved profile you obtained at the end of the calibration process—as I've just said.


            What you choose as a working space depends on two factors: 

            (1) what your final output is (e.g. photographic printing, inkjet printing, prepress printing or the web; and

            (2) how thoroughly you understand color theory and color management, as well as how adept you are at handling a very, very wide-gamut space and its own specific characteristics.


            If you give us more details about your work, we may be able to give you more focused advice. See next post.

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              Please read this FAQ for advice on how to ask your questions correctly for quicker and better answers: 





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                coldh2o Level 1

                Thanks,  that narrows it down to V2  or V4 to base profile, then my moitors white balance, 6500temp & lum(__).    X-rite 2  asks me to re-calibarate & profile periodically & that’s when I change.  I’m an idiot,  it takes me forever to learn anything & I’m not good with words so I don’t use forums often.   My main concern is getting my photos brighter.  Final output would be printing & low res sharing via cell & facebook.

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                  After Noel's futile attempt to extract more information from you, I tried to get you to provide details and I failed too.  I give up. 

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                    gener7 Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    Here a guide and video on how to use the X-rite 2  http://thelightroomlab.com/2009/01/calibrating-a-monitor-using-the-x-rite-eyeone-display2- system/


                    Then go into Photoshop and in Edit > Color Settings and choose "North American General Purpose 2."


                    All set. Good enough for consumer grade hardware.  Stay with that until you are able to grasp color management fundementals enough to tailor things.



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                      coldh2o Level 1

                      Thanks Gene, i watched the video.  It doesn't mention using a destination source. It was very helpful on the luminance issue! I did change my color settings like you mentioned, instead of using my monitor profile. Thanks 4 the info, made me re think.

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                        coldh2o wrote:


                        …It doesn't mention using a destination source…


                        "Destination source" is an oxymoron.  Destination is the opposite of source, and viceversa.

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                          Noel Carboni Level 8

                          Cold, could you please try re-stating your goals and take the time to double-check what you've written to ensure it will be clear to others and without assumptions?  I have to say I know a good bit about color-management and I'm pretty decent at reading between the lines, but your posts have baffled me utterly.  Your terms don't match any I use.


                          Here's a bit of general guidance...


                          • Your general goal is to be able to predict how your image will look when printed or displayed somewhere other than where you're working on it.


                          • You're expected to calibrate and profile your monitor, and associate the resultant color profile with your monitor at the operating system level.  That ensures you see correct color as displayed by a fully color-managed application such as Photoshop.



                          • You would not normally expect to make color-management settings changes very often once you've chosen them.


                          • You work on documents using a common document color space (working space) that suits your needs.  There is no one easy answer what one that will be - it's up to you, and the answer that makes sense - for you - will become more clear as you get your mind more and more around color-management.


                          • Know that not all applications implement color-management fully, nor do they all do it correctly.  Trying to understand how it all works by observing things in a practical sense can be surprisingly misleading and ineffective.



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                            coldh2o Level 1

                            On my Eye-One Match 3 it says “please define your target settings” and a button that’s says “open icc profile”…. That’s where I was changing often J

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                              gener7 Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                              Don't press "open ICC profile" button at all. It's for loading target values from another profile. You are not setting a color space.


                              You set the target values of your own monitor to the right of that button instead. White point, Gamma, and Luminance.


                              Noel Carboni can help you on the fine points of Color Management once you have finished calibrating and profiling your monitor.


                              GeneScreen Shot 2013-08-19 at 11.06.40 AM.png

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                                coldh2o Level 1

                                You are my hero! ….Thanx

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                                  gener7 Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                  You're welcome!


                                  Remember this: Not knowing something doesn't make you stupid, but using it as an excuse to not learn is.


                                  Give yourself time and stay on it, you'll get it.