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    dynamick link Pr to Ae, problems caused by mixed frame rates when using mocha

    Dean II

      For a project I'm working on I have to remove some cables that were caught in frame. The film was shot using 3 cameras, two of them at 29.97 fps and one at 59.94 fps. I edited it in Premiere Pro with out doing anything special, just set the sequence at 59.94 fps and dragged the clips in. Now for the few vfx shots I used dynamic link to get them into After Effects. The vfx shots were shot with one of the 30 fps cameras. This resulted in some less than minor errors due to AE duplicating frames and Mocha not. First, I just hit the "Track in Mocha AE" button in the animation menu.Mmocha tracked it fine, but when I brought in back it whent bezerk. I fixed this problem by re-importing the clip that I was using and making a new comp (with the correct frame rate) and it worked fine, next I moved that comp into the dynamic link comp. The problem is that the the mocha layer(one with tracking data) is moving with a one frame lag:

      mocha frames issue.jpg

      mocha frames issue flow chart.jpg

      Does any one know how to fix this?


        - Thank You,