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    Contrbute Slooooooooowness!!

      Hi All,

      Got a bit of a tricky problem which I wanted to ask your advice on. We have recently undertaken a programme of upgrading all our Windows workstations to XP SP2, using a standard imaging solution. Since these upgrades have been completed our Contribute users are complaining of extreme slowness when attempting to edit their websites using Contribute and I just can't work out what's changed to be causing these problems.

      They were originally using Windows XP SP2 with 1GB RAM and this has not changed. What has changed however is the structure of the Active Directory and further restrictions have been placed on their user accounts to limit their access to the systems.

      What I have found during the course of troubleshooting by using the Contribute logging process, is that they appear to be getting a lot of RESOURCE_DOESNT_EXIST error logs. Is this likely to be caused by the fact that their access rights are now locked down tight? I do have logs which can be posted should you wish to have a look.

      Anyway hope to hear back from one of you gurus soon!!