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    confused and annoyed


      I cant get my adobe digital editions to recognise niether my iphone4 or my samsung galexy 8.9 3g tablet.  I  dont even have a device list in my lirary!! Im trying to download library  books onto my tablet through overdrive, and i need adobe digital editions to do it but its not working, so i tried my iphone and nothing!!!  whats going on??

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          sjpt Level 4

          Phones and tablets do not show up in Digital Editions.

          You need to install an ereader app such as Bluefire on the device, and then 'sideload' your ebooks from the computer,

          that is copy them using a file manager such as Windows Explorer or Mac Finder onto the device which should show up as a mounted drive.


          There is also an Overdrive app, which will allow you to borrow, download and read books on a device without using the PC at all.

          Some people have problems registering Overdrive app with their Adobe ID.