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    CFExchange - isMessage

      We have built an application that relies heavily on CFExchange and have come across a bit of a roadblock. The application loops through messages and extracts the attachments from them. The issue occurs when one or more of the attachments are msg files (using action="getAttachments"). In this instance, no file is saved and the application throws an error (file not found - because attachmentFileName is a null file name).

      We noticed the isMessage variable and thought that we could use that to deal with attached messages, but could find no documentation other than the fact that the variable exists.

      Any ideas?
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          Any luck with this issue? We are experiencing the same problem with attempting to retrieve emails that are forwarded as attachments. The cfexcahngemail tag knows the attachment is there and knows the size of the attachment, but the CID is blank as is some other info.

          ATTACHMENTFILENAME: [empty string]
          ATTACHMENTFILEPATH: [empty string]
          CID: [empty string]
          ISMESSAGE: YES
          MIMETYPE: [empty string]
          SIZE: 7805