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    Audio Quality issues in You Tube

    onspring Level 1

      Hi Guys



      I am really struggling to work out how to submit my music video to 'You Tube' without severe degradation of audio quality.

      V. Happy with the vid. side - H.264 output with optimised parameters on all fronts (debatable I know - but I guess I'm aware of those parameters)

      Trouble is the whole point is the music - which just loses it.

      The export from origin added to project in Premiere is 24bit, 96khz sample rate - mastered to optimised preference and sounds pretty cool in direct

      comparison to random productions from other sources.

      (ie: your favourite band music through stereo system (decent speaker output) via CD Rom)

      Have attempted all available audio parameters within CS6 to no avail.



      Whatever I do - the audio sounds the same ie: diminished

      I know 'You Tube' compresses again but how can I avoid this? - Would love to hear from anyone who has had, is having the same issues!!



      Suspect that this requires some kind of server side 'pay for' service, I just can't identify where.(or that my master is crap)



      Kind Regards