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    textInput mobile problem


      Hi all,


      i'm getting a little crazy with this problem so mayebe someone here can help me.


      I'm using FB 4.6 with AIR 3.7 and getting some strange behaviour with s:textInput component.


      It works like it should on most devices but on some on "enter" event it puts the cursor on second line instead of loosing focus.


      it's a simple login form and haven't any issues with it before.


      it's defined like this:


      <s:TextInput id="txtUsername" width="65%" height="10%" borderVisible="true" skinClass="spark.skins.mobile.TextInputSkin"

                                                                   color="#000000" contentBackgroundAlpha="0" textAlign="left" focusIn="focusInHandler_txtInputs(event)" maxChars="15"

                                                                   verticalCenter="0" returnKeyLabel="done" enter="changeField(txtPassword)" styleName="labelSOTitle" needsSoftKeyboard="true"/>