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    onPeerConnect and Firewall..


      hi people,


      i am trying to make a p2p chat app (includes also audio&video) with flash.. when i run the swf files on different computers which are connected to the internet, onPeerConnect function works very fine and i make connection between peers successfuly and automatically by just using one's farID in recieveStream of subscriber and then the publisher's onPeerConnect function is invoked as well and both streams are working fine.. i got what i want..


      BUT when i try to run the swf files on a browser (because the users will run my app's url on their browsers to be able to use my app), onPeerConnect function doesnt work, it is not invoked.. so i cant make p2p connection between peers..


      BUT (after searching for two nights i found something)  WHEN i allow my browser through Windows Firewall in the Control Panel, now onPeerConnect function works on browsers too..


      this is not useful for users which will use my app.. they might even dont know what is a Firewall or how to set Firewall settings to allow a browser etc.. every user cant make it and this sends the users away from my app..


      there a solution of it ?   i just want my users just run my app and use it without hanging out a problem and have fun..


      note: i dont want to use rtmp. i want to use rtmfp..