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    Single SWF Output Please

      I am begging anyone capable of telling me how or including as an option in an update to have Presenter make a single SWF instead of the million or so files it spits at me currently. I work with close to 50 presentations at a time for a series of cd's that may contain hundreds of them and to be honest it would make my life easier if all I had to deal with was one swf and not have to shuffle folders about and worry about this file and that js and this other player and empty folders and file junk it looks like my bedroom in these folders totally messy!

      I know it does make it really easy to edit, to pull bits out and modify which I like for my own 'editing' purposes but at the end of the process I'd really like to sput out one swf and throw it in the 'swf' directory that the interface software picks up with ease and plays.

      Just curious - even if it is for a really simple presentation with no sidebar, video or animation - just like either Impatica or Captivate does. All I use it for is slide + narration. Is there something I am missing? Or am I just being pedantic about the number of files.

      Also it would make it much easier to work as I won't have to make a folder for every single output like I do now - to contain the ten bazillion players it thinks it needs. (okay, two, but I'm feeling frustrated! when you work with as many files as I do, two extra un-needed ones add up to thousands pretty fast).

      I'd love for some advice. Or flames, pity, scorn or whatever...

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          Due to the file size limitation of the swf file format, Presenter has leveraged the power of Power Point to create seperate files for each slide. This means you can have a Presentation an hour or even four hours long in Presenter while your file limit in Captivate (due to the one swf file limit) is 10 minutes. If you would like, I do have a method to create a launch Presenter presentation with links for multiple presentations on a CD I, which a very good support person shared with me, but in truth it might be easier for you to output as a pdf. The new Acrobat Reader 9 will open this under the acrobat wrapper as the complete presentation and give you a single file for your presentation.
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            How do I publish with Presenter, pictures as single flash .swf file, with no theme!


            Thank you for reply with help very much.

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              Impatica  for PowerPoint does what you are looking to do. It produces a single  presentation file for each PowerPoint presentation but the output format is  Java. The advantage of distributing the content on CD, is that you can ship the  required Java components on the CD with the presentations. This would make the  output format irrelevant. I could provide you with Java vs. Flash comparison  information and/or instructions for delivering the content on a Java-enabled  CD.


              Once  you have the presentations converted with Impatica for PowerPoint, you can then  create an auto run CD for delivery of the content. This Knowledgebase article  describes that process:


              You  are welcome to test the entire process with our fully functional, evaluation  version of Impatica for PowerPoint. I encourage you to consider our  product:


              Please  contact me if you are interested in the instructions for creating an auto run,  Java-enabled CD and/or further information: hmarkusic@impatica.com.


              Kind  regards,



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