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    After Effects Text missing from project view (yet renders)


      I am new to the CC but have played with Adobe in earlier versions (mostly CS3).  I have purchased some project files from videoden to give me a starting point (I learn best when playing with something that already works, picking it apart and rebuilding).  Only problem is, the text is never visible when I work. 


      When I open the project it says:  "the project must be converted from version 9.0 (windows).  The original file will remain unchanged"  There are no font dependency issues reported.  When I open a text layer I can see a rectangle, but not the letters.  I read on the forum that the cache can cause problems.  I emptied it, rebooted and started over, still same problem.


      So it is the project that is corrupt, right?  Wrong.  Even when I make my own, add Arial (or some generic font like that all systems have) it wont show up on screen either.  And even the project I was having problems with, when I render it the fonts appear properly.


      Is there some view that does not show fonts in text areas?


      I am running 8gm ram, win 7, Lenovo, with After Effects CC