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    Problem exporting 1080p/59.94 CS6.0.3 ...

    joneisele Level 1

      I have a Sony consumer camcorder where I am recording 1080p/59.94 footage which gets stored in .mts files.  I put in a screen shot from MediaInfo below if that helps.   My target is a Sony PS3.   I can play the native .mts file off the camera directly with no issue, but having problems producing an exported file that plays correctly.     I tried H.264 and exporting to an .mp4 file, but the audio gets out of sync, video slows down, etc.  I also tried the latter with a much lower bit rate of 10mbps and that made no difference.    I noticed that the PS3 reports the video information as MPEG-2 TS 26.6 mbps.   I tried to export using the MPEG2 format with TS multiplexing, but can't seem to get an option for 59.94 in the frame rate settings.    Suggestions?   Thanks.



      MTS Info Capture.JPG

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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          I just don't have a PS3 available for testing on this one, I use my Sony Blu-ray.


          One thing I can say is that AAC audio doesn't work, I have to use AC3.

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            joneisele Level 1

            Jim: are you referring to H.264 .mp4 export?   If so, I only see AAC, AAC + Version 1, AAC + Version 2 as audio options.   How do I get AC3?   I have two other Sony BD players.    One of them can play the original MTS file just fine, but the exported H.264 .mp4 has no audio, perhaps similar to what you are describing above. 


            Generally speaking, do you have an option for MPEG2, 59.94 fps progressive?   I was going to try that format as an experiment given the PS3 Information button reporting "MPEG-2 TS ...", but only lower frame rates are offered.


            Is there a way for me to provide information on the native camera 1080p/59.94 footage that would help in recommending what to do in PP CS6 on export?  Or other debugging / trial & error I an do?   You would think if the PS3 can play a clip from the camera, and PP CS6 can load, edit, play, etc. I ought to be able to export in some compatible way.



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              Jim_Simon Level 8

              To get AC3 you have to use one of the H.264 Blu-ray presets and modify it as needed.  Be sure to turn on Mutiplexing to get one file.


              1080p/60 is kind of an oddball animal.  It's not part of the Blu-ray or broadcast spec, and it's use is generally for slow motion.

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                joneisele Level 1

                Jim: I don't have any issues with H.264 Blu-ray and 1080i multiplexed into .m2t files.   I realize 1080p/60 is not part of the BD spec or broadcast.  I'm interested for my own personal use particularly with fast motion video or where I like a very smooth look.   Do you see 59.94 progressive as an option with MPEG2?


                Anyone else have any suggestions?   Again, the native 1080p/60 clip plays fine, the glitch is exporting from PP CS 6.0.3.   It seems like there should be a way to export in a format that matches the source given that PP can import, play, edit, etc.